27 Homes

Twenty-seven homes in a little less than three years’ time. Twenty-eight if you count the hospital that they spent the first month of their life in – Scott & White (28 days in the NICU).

1. Travis, TX – End of Dec 2007 till Jan 2008.

Trevor and Leland lived here from the time they left the hospital in Dec 2007 till the beginning of Jan 2008. This was supposed to be their only home.

2. Troy, TX – Jan 2008 till Feb 2008

Crystal left James in Jan 2008. She claimed she was at an abuse shelter during this time but really was staying with her cousin Tiffany. Crystal claimed the abuse shelter so that James wouldn’t be able to find her.

3. Waco, TX – Feb 2008 till Mar 2008

Crystal moved in with James’ niece Fashia in Feb 2008. It was during this time that James was allowed to see Trevor and Leland again.

4. Chilton, TX – Mar 2008 till Apr 2008

Crystal moved in with her cousin Sabrina in March 2008.

5. Chilton, TX – Apr 2008 till May 2008

Sabrina’s family moved into a different home. Crystal went with them. April 2008.

6. Chilton, TX – May 2008 till June 2008

Sabrina’s family can no longer support Crystal (who’s collecting food stamps and child support but contributing nothing). Crystal is told she has to leave. She moves in with her friend Jana at the end of May 2008 till beginning of June 2008.

7. Travis, TX – June 2008 till July 2008

Just in time for the stimulus checks, Crystal tells James she has no place to go and moves back in with him for Trevor and Leland’s sake.

8. Chilton, TX – July 2008 till Oct 2008

After exhibiting domestic violence against James and the twins, Crystal leaves and moves back in with her friend Jana at the very end of July 2008.

9. Chilton, TX – Oct 2008 till Nov 2008

After calling the sheriff on her friend Jana and William, Crystal moves in with her friend Christy. She only stayed roughly a week.

10. Chilton, TX – Nov 2008 till Nov 2008

Not liking the conditions of living under her friend’s roof, she begs her aunt Eva to let her move in. Nov 2008 to Nov 2008.

11. Las Vegas, NV – Nov 2008 till Oct 31, 2009

In the second week of November, Crystal got money from James’ new wife in the form of a money order labeled “child support” and then disappeared to Las Vegas, NV with her “fiancée” Bret.  She did not work during at first and filed for Welfare in Feb till July. Afterwards, she worked delivering pizzas at a friend’s pizza parlor.  Some time in this year, Leland was diagnosed with seizures.  In Sept, Bret was first arrested for Domestic Violence.

12. Las Vegas, NV – Nov 2009 till Dec 2009

Crystal & Bret moved in with Bret’s mother Rosell but were unable to pay the rent for whatever reason.  Crystal got a job at a Car Dealership. They were evicted through the court in Dec 2009.

13. Las Vegas, NV – Dec 2009 till Jan 24, 2010

It is unknown where exactly she stayed during this time, whether it was with a friend or hotel or what.  She had internet access during this time, so it is assumed, she stayed with a friend.

14. Las Vegas, NV – Jan 24, 2010 till Apr 1, 2010

Crystal moved into a small apartment without Bret. He was in jail at this point for domestic violence charges. However, upon his release, they were together again. Crystal was promoted at work to accounting in March.

15. Las Vegas, NV – Apr 1 2010 till Apr 30, 2010

Crystal moved into a different apartment because in her opinion it was “hella prettier”. One of the conditions of Bret’s release was that he was not to have alcohol or be around Crystal. According to Crystal, the pair got into a fight in which he broke some of her stuff and then he was re-arrested for Domestic Violence on the 26th/27th. Crystal also claims he broke in and got her fired from her job at the time. However, a few days prior to her getting fired, she posted online about “puffin the magic dragon stick”. Random drug screen possibly?

16. Troy, TX – May 1, 2010 till May 2010

Crystal returned to Texas on May 1 and moved in with her friend Christy. She stayed there for about a week.

17. Chilton, TX – May 2010 till May 29, 2010

Crystal moved in with her aunt Eva. She helped care for her during this time or so she claims. Trevor and Leland were cared for by Eva.

18. Chilton, TX – May 29, 2010 till July 2010

Crystal moved into a trailer home across from a church. Also living there were her cousin Jerry Lee and wife Misty. Three days into living there, she moved in her boyfriend Wayne (Lloyd Wayne Fulfer). And a week or two after he lived there, she kicked out her cousin and his wife.

19. Slater, TX – July 2010 till Aug 10, 2010

In July 2010, Crystal moved for the first time to Slater to live with Wayne’s parents.  After partying hard on the 4th, Crystal was hospitalized. (Possibly for alcohol poisoning) She stayed there till her aunt Eva passed away on Aug 10.

20. Chilton, TX – Aug 10, 2010 till Aug 2010

For roughly the next two weeks, Crystal lived in her aunt’s home with Eva’s husband LC. During this time Wayne dumped her and she spent majority of her time ignoring everyone including the twins. She was on the computer playing games and chatting to Wayne.

21. Slater, TX – Aug 2010 till Aug 2010

Crystal moved back to Slater and her and Wayne got back together. She spent roughly a week here before her and Virginia Cornett got into it. Aug 2010. 2nd time living in Slater. It was while she was here, she finally agreed to allow James to see Trevor and Leland. However, she never intended to show up.

22. Wharton, TX – Sept 2010 till Oct 2010

Crystal & Wayne moved down to Wharton to live with Crystal’s cousin Heather. Heather’s husband cared for Trevor and Leland while Crystal & Wayne worked at an Egg Processing Plant. And Trevor and Leland were being taken care of.

23. Wharton, TX – Oct 2010 till Oct 12, 2010

Wayne got ticked off and went to stay in a Motel 6. He injured himself in the hotel and quit working. Crystal followed him to the hotel and stayed there with him. While she went to work each day, he was responsible for Trevor and Leland.  Quick facts: He stepped on something and had to have half his toes reattached and was on pain pills. They only stayed till Oct 12.

24. Slater, TX – Oct 12 2010 till Oct 2010

Crystal and Wayne move back in with Wayne’s parents. 3rd time. They stayed for about five days.

25. Waco, TX – Oct 2010 till Oct 31 2010

Crystal and Wayne moved into a hotel in/around Waco, TX so that Crystal’s cousin’s wife Misty can care for Trevor and Leland while Crystal is job hunting.

26. Chilton, TX – Nov 2010 till Nov 2010

Crystal & Wayne move into a travel trailer on the hill just outside of Chilton owned by the Falks.

27. Slater, TX – Middle of Nov 2010 till Nov 25 2010

After being confronted about Wayne leaving Trevor and Leland alone in the travel trailer, Crystal flees to Slater two weeks prior to their death.

After Trevor and Leland passed, Crystal has moved at least five times. Not that this matters now after the fact but it should be known that she’s got no reason to move now and is still jumping from place to place.  She has a job and she doesn’t have the added responsibility of children to worry about. Her boyfriend even has a job now.

1. Gatesville, TX – Nov 26, 2010 till Dec 2010

The news stated she was staying in a hotel in Gatesville. However it is believed she was actually staying in Slater with the Cornetts.

2. Waco, TX – Dec 2010 till Mar 2011

Crystal’s job paid for Trevor and Leland’s funeral. They also paid for the deposit and first month’s rent for her new apartment near the Baylor campus.

3. Chilton, TX – Mar 2011 till May 2011

For whatever reason, she left her apartment and went to live with her uncle LC again.

4. Slater, TX – May 2011 till May 2011

She moved back in with Wayne’s parents for roughly a week before she moved yet again.

5. Troy, TX – May 2011 till Present

Last we knew, she was living in an apartment and doing pretty good. She parties a lot and as far as we know, has no cares or worries because the Grand Jury chose not to indict feeling that she’s suffered enough. And she has taken the stance that now the people that know and love her and the ones that don’t can see that she was a “good parent”.


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