AFQA: Part 1

Honestly, you come here and state this stuff. Fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. It doesn’t make it right or true. But this page ADVOCATES charges being pressed against Crystal, her boyfriend Wayne, and the Cornetts. And really, I could careless about the Cornetts. The primary offenders are Crystal and Wayne. If you don’t like that, you can leave. Simple as that because you obviously don’t care about this cause because to you Trevor and Leland weren’t “murdered”.

As for the rest of your accusations. Let’s examine them shall we. It just so happens that I know Crystal and I know James. Do I prefer to be around one more than the other, yeah. Who wouldn’t? I also know some of Crystal’s friends and family. As well as James’s family. And I got the pleasure to meet Trevor and Leland while they were alive. Most adorable little boys I’d ever met. But they were a handful as most twins are. I’ve never met Crystal’s boyfriend Wayne or her ex-boyfriend Bret.

Here is what I can tell you about both of them:

Bret is currently serving time in jail because Crystal had charges filed against him for domestic violence. She had him arrested three separate times for this: 2009-09-12 (1st Offense Domestic Violence), 2010-03 (2nd Offense), 2010-05 (3rd Offense).  Vegas really doesn’t play around with this stuff. She moved to Vegas with him after knowing him only a short time and left her entire family and Trevor and Leland’s entire family behind. She told her family that he hit Leland in the back of the head so hard it knocked him to the ground and that is what caused his seizures. However, she did not leave him.

Wayne has a child of his own that he doesn’t get to see. In his words, the mother cares more about hating him then she does about the child. And honestly, I felt sorry for him at first but then I learned (through Crystal’s supporters) that he was abusing Trevor and Leland. And had actually left them alone in a travel trailer not even a quarter of a mile from the highway. And the sad thing is, they didn’t live that far from Crystal’s family that would have watched them for a couple hours so he could go do what he needed to do.

And here is what I can tell you about Crystal and James:

James is remarried with a wife of nearly three years. They’ve known each other since they were kids. He’s got a little girl with her and there have never been any instances of abuse or neglect in either case. In fact, the way I understand, they are expecting a second child. And he is a doting father. To see him with her, it just makes you smile inside knowing there are dad’s out there like that. Heck, to see him playing with his nephews and neices that are young enough. He’s great with kids EVEN behind closed doors. As for his wife now, she wanted Trevor and Leland just as much as he did but Crystal wasn’t having that.

Crystal is the type of person that has to be the victim. She’s never the abuser. neglector, antagonizer, or offender. The truth is, she’s always one of the above. ALWAYS. She always has to be the center of attention and loves partying, drinking, and having a good time. And there’s nothing wrong with that unless you have kids, bills to pay, and responsibilities. If she gets ticked off at you, she will pack up her stuff and move. And she’ll call law enforcement or in some cases CPS, and make up something to try to get you in trouble.

Three examples (and there are more) of times she has done this, when she didn’t get her way while she was married to Trevor and Leland’s father, she called law enforcement and claimed abuse. Funny thing is, he’s the ones with the marks on him. Not to mention, one of the twins because when she threw the phone charger at James, it missed and hit (and cut) one of them in the head.

While living with her BF Jana, Crystal called the sheriff on domestic violence accusations. To her family, she told them that Jana’s husband had thrown something and nearly hit the twins with it. Needless to say, she moved out. Also in retaliation against her BF Jana, she went around to Jana’s friends and tried to start nasty rumors about her on the same night that James last saw the twins – October 31, 2008.

Most recently, Crystal & Wayne were living in a travel trailer less than a quarter mile off the highway on the hill outside of Chilton. Crystal went to work and left Trevor and Leland with Wayne. He decided he didn’t want to watch them and left them there alone while he hauled scrap metal to Waco. When confronted about this, she reported the person to CPS.

Furthermore, the most important thing in her life has and always will be the man she is currently with.

Would you be interested to know that when her aunt (that she claimed was her mom) died, she pretended like she had everything in the world to do with planning the funeral/memorial service when she had little to nothing to do with it. In fact, she was up Wayne’s ass the entire time. She played Castle Age on the computer with him and spent the entire time holed up in the room she was using on the phone with him. And then, Wayne dumped her at the memorial service. But after it was all over and done with, she went running right back to him.

Witnesses including myself have seen her first hand neglecting Trevor and Leland. Instead of taking care of them, she let them run around in dirty diapers that caused them to get diaper rash more often than not. Unless someone else changed them, they stayed like that. Which is why in so many pictures, they’re wearing nothing but a diaper. Easier to clean up when they finally do get changed.

They would cry when they were hungry and would be crying for hours if not for the people she was living with because she wouldn’t feed them.

She passed them off on anyone that was willing to watch them. In fact, she even used her food stamps to pay people to babysit them so she could go out and party or live the carefree life.

She did everything she possibly could think of (or was told to do) to try and ensure that James had no rights to them whatsoever through the courts. When that failed, she did what she could and fled the area and cut communication. She threatened with false charges and refused any information.

They were potty trained at a daycare in Las Vegas before she came back to Texas and then all of a sudden they’re back in diapers.

Why don’t you try and contact her. Chances are, she won’t respond or if she does, she’ll be hateful with you. Now tell her you have something for her. Clothes, Jewelry, preferably money, and she’ll get back to you real quick like. Be her BF and go party with her, share a drink or just get her alcohol or drugs. You’ll have a friend until she finds someone else to get her next fix.

During the divorce with Trevor and Leland’s father, she joined an aidpage in hopes of getting free stuff and help. Members of this site bought her lies hook, line, and sinker. However, they weren’t able to help her. They did however tell her to never let James see the twins again. To run far away and hide them from him. And she did just that.

Also during the divorce, she told a couple family members of Trevor and Leland’s father that they would NEVER see Trevor and Leland. It just so happens that they were in Texas on Thanksgiving, the night Trevor and Leland died. They never did get to see them.

Crystal has ALWAYS been about what does she get out of it. Trevor and Leland were a meal ticket for her. She was getting child support (unless you listen to her and she claims she wasn’t) but it came directly out of James check every single paycheck.  She was getting SSI because Leland had seizures. And then let’s not forget TANF and foodstamps depending on where she was living.

One witness stated during a visit at Crystal’s place of residence, that Crystal didn’t want anything to do with Trevor and Leland. They witnessed Wayne hitting them for no reason whatsoever. He would just hit them. And he’d do this on more than one occasion. They stayed there for the entire day. When they confronted Crystal about it, she pretended that it wasn’t happening and she didn’t see anything. Even when it was right in front of her face. Seemingly overnight, Trevor and Leland went from being two rambunctious little boys that got into everything and couldn’t sit still for nothing into being “well-behaved” boys. More like they were afraid to do anything without getting hit for NO REASON.

As for restraining orders. There was none. That was just her making false threats as she’s done since before they were born.  If there was any base to her threats, it would have been done. Because Vegas don’t play around with that stuff and that’s where she was during the threats she made through family, emails, or the phone. James and his family were and still are in TEXAS.

Now, I’ve seen court documents, the autopsy reports, the fire marshal’s report, and some medical records. Some of this stuff is posted in the document folder in the photos section. THEY HAD JOINT CUSTODY THAT SHE WAS DENYING HIM. Go read the custody agreement that she refused to abide by. And I didn’t get that from James, it was a public record. All I had to do was pay the fee at the courthouse. The father doesn’t have many of the medical records because most of the records are in Las Vegas and I don’t know about you, but who can afford to drive there from Texas with the price of gas. And let’s not forget the people that have come forward since their deaths that have flat out said Crystal was neglecting them and Wayne was abusing them. Not a single person had anything nice to say about Wayne. And they felt guilty about not reporting Crystal when they had the opportunity to while Trevor and Leland were still alive. Some did report her while they were alive and it still got Trevor and Leland nowhere. CPS didn’t investigate because they couldn’t find her. She had no bills in her name or Wayne’s. Why would she when she was bouncing from home to hotel to shack. And although James was filing for full custody, he had to know where she was to serve her papers and with her bouncing around so much, he had no idea where she was.

As for her poverty level. She put herself in the position she was in. It was her choice, no one elses. She had a job (at an egg processing plant in Wharton, TX), a competent baby sitter that wasn’t abusing them (her cousin-in-law Zach Lorscheider), and a safe home to stay in (her cousin’s house-Heather Lorscheider & family). Instead, she CHOSE to leave that home (because she and Wayne are slobs and he refused to clean up after himself), she CHOSE to leave Trevor and Leland with her boyfriend who was abusive and neglectful (because he injured himself and she was still working), and she CHOSE to leave her job (because he didn’t like the job). She cared more about her boyfriend, going out and partying, drinking and tattoos, then she did about Trevor and Leland. I don’t know that based on her facebook page. I’ve seen that first hand. And yes, Trevor and Leland are safe now. To quote Crystal after she had Bret thrown in jail for the last time: “no one to use and abuse them anymore”. Of course she was refering to herself because she’s “always” the victim.

She could have given Trevor and Leland to any member of the father’s family and they would have gladly cared for them. She could have taken them to just about any friend of hers and they would have let her stay with them so she could get a place of her own. She could have tried to give them up for adoption, there are millions of people that would have loved to of had them. She has family that would have gladly taken them. Instead SHE CHOSE to move out there to Slater for the fourth time that year and CHOSE to put them in that shed knowing it was unsafe.

And just so you know, she’s moved back out there once since Trevor and Leland died. There is no shed left, she slept in the house where she’s probably always slept.


4 responses to “AFQA: Part 1

  1. raisingkanes

    08/04/2011 at 5:01 pm

    You don’t need to respond to Jackie Taylor’s nonsense. It is clear to me that Crystal and “friends” are parasitic slugs! It is also apparent that Crystal is vindictive and dishonest. I feel so badly for James, and for his precious twins, Trevor and Leland. I hope God blesses James with a happy life with more children, and that Crystal and Wayne get what they deserve (like burned alive on this earth as the twins did!).

    • Gabriela

      04/02/2012 at 10:28 pm

      Totally AGREE! Both of them should burn alive and feel what those two beautiful innocent children felt. But there’s one God who sees everything and they will both pay for harming the kids.

  2. Gabriela

    04/02/2012 at 10:23 pm

    This lady seems like she preferred her boyfriend rather than her two beautiful sons. I cant think of any mother being so cruel to her kids,and so inresponsible. How could she care more about her boyfriend, than the kids she had in her womb for 9 months? I hope and pray god for justice,those two beautiful twins deserved to live but not with a women who never deserved to be called Mom because she never gaved them love,peace,and tranquility. She deserves to pay what she has done to the two angels,they deserved to live.

  3. Craig James

    12/06/2015 at 9:53 pm

    In response to Bret and about him. I know him personally. He went to jail for Crystal and so the boys wouldn’t go to CPS. You should talk to him. He knows much more than the you think.


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