The Funeral

Arriving at the funeral home in Gatesville, the first thing you notice is all the vehicles parked all around. But mostly, there are large groups of people hanging around outside rather than being inside the funeral home at 2 in the afternoon. So you know everyone is there for the funeral but has chosen not to go inside yet.

Instead of dallying outside, you head around the building and out of the parking area to the front door. Only your way is blocked by people standing outside the door waiting for anyone and everyone or maybe just for the father’s family.

Standing there dressed up is Trevor and Leland’s biological mother with her boyfriend. Nothing wrong with being dressed up at a funeral, at least she wasn’t decked out in cleavage revealing attire as is her style. Then again, it was cold and she was in the limelight and needed to play it safe with an investigation going on. She was still in the way, waiting for the father’s family to show up. Her eyes are as dry as they come, no fake tears for them.

But before they can pass, they have to give her a hug or they simply can’t get through. Some side stepped her and others hugged her. But still, no tears. It’s her “babies'” funeral and she’s not crying. Her boyfriend looks a little upset but he’s more sullen that he can’t say anything to the father’s family. Justice of the Peace Wood is there to ensure there isn’t any trouble and no threats via Wayne or Crystal’s family.

The father’s grieving family enters the building, signs the guestbook and goes inside the funeral home parlor to take a seat. They sit together as one at the back of the room so that they might be able to comfort one another. Only after they are seated are they told the front few pews were left vacant for them to sit in the guest/friend section.

A few friends that came in support sit around them. Crystal’s family sits in the special section apart from the rest for family. Trevor and Leland’s Godmother and her family sits at the front of the room near the computer showing the slideshow of photos.

A beautiful slideshow of photos while the song “If I Die Young” plays. James has none of these photos shown. His family is crying seeing these babies as they grew up while they were denied everything to do with them. The slideshow is turned off and the funeral begins.

“The meaning of the song is simple, it’s about making the most of whatever time you are given, whether it’s 2 years or 20 years.” -Kimberly Perry, co-writer (with brothers Reid and Neil) And in case I was wrong about this, I looked up the lyrics:

A penny for my thoughts, oh no, I’ll sell them for a dollar/They’re worth so much more after I’m a goner

And maybe then you’ll hear the words I been singin’/Funny when you’re dead how people start listenin’

Anyone else in doubt about this song being played at a funeral? Personally, the song speaks volumes about Crystal’s money grubbing ways and the fact that almost no one spoke up for Trevor and Leland while they were alive.

The funeral opens with the song “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. Another inappropriate song choice considering that the song means for someone to be happy even if you’re gone from their life and not to regret leaving so long as your life is better without them.

And then it’s time for Rev. David F. Barrett to speak. The entire service was directed at Crystal. He ignored the father and the father’s family. They might as well not have existed. He even read off an incorrect obituary provided by Crystal even though he’d been emailed the somewhat corrected one days before.

The obituary itself starts off by listing Wayne as Trevor and Leland’s step-dad. Forget the fact that Crystal and Wayne have only been dating since the middle of May of that year or that they broke up in August when her Aunt Eva died only to get back together shortly thereafter. And forget the fact that she is NOT married. Yet the reverend here stated an outright lie because Crystal wanted him to. How’s that for hypocrisy? And then it goes on to list Trevor and Leland’s father. But just their father. It leaves out entirely their real-life step-mother and their HALF-sister. I could see leaving off their step-mother just because she’s not blood-related but to leave off their blood-related sister. A slap in the face to the father’s family if ever I saw one.

The obituary goes on to list Crystal’s cousins as Trevor and Leland’s aunts but if you’re going to do that, you should at least include all of your cousins especially those that were around for the twins and she didn’t even bother to include everyone. She left out her own sisters (who were at the funeral), one of her brothers, and even her real mother and father. Yet included her own uncle and listed her deceased aunt in the survived by list. Left out of the preceded in death by section was Trevor and Leland’s paternal grandmother that passed before they were born or any of their paternal relatives that had passed. Yet she listed her own grandparents as Trevor and Leland’s grandparents. Last I checked, that would make them great grandparents.

The real charade: Trevor and Leland’s maternal uncle got up to say something that was supposed to be from his heart. He got up there and quoted a saying he has had forever. And given Trevor and Leland’s manner of death was inappropriate. “We come into this world crying, everybody smiling. And leave this world smiling, everybody crying.” He at least cried when he got up there which is more than I can say for Crystal. No one else was offered the chance to speak.

Another inappropriate song was played after he spoke. The song itself has been chosen to play at many funerals but this version of it at a child’s funeral seemed off. “Amazing Grace” by Chris Tomlin. Especially if you take into account that Crystal did not and does not attend church unless it involves her getting something out of it. She’s not religious in any aspect of the word. Her god is money, her church a club, her hymnal is her boyfriend’s songs. But for argument sake, “My chains are gone, I’ve been set free” is repeated throughout the song. The song is about having a burden lifted off of you through Christ and you play it at a funeral? A child’s funeral?

And then the reverend opened his mouth again.

I guess the one redeeming thing about the funeral was the funeral home director walked up to Trevor and Leland’s father and step-mother and apologized about the obituary. And then made a copy of the guestbook for the father to take home with him. The only decent thing done by anyone involved in the funeral.

When asked about obtaining a copy of the picture slideshow, Crystal informed all that a couple of her coworkers had made it for her and she only had a few copies. Forget the fact that she had access to all the pictures on it or that people would have gladly paid money to get a copy of pictures that they’d been wanting for more than two years.


After the funeral was over, James and his family left. His friends that had come in support left. Trevor and Leland’s godmother and her family left. Everyone that truely cared for Trevor and Leland went home. Crystal, her family, and some of their friends chose to stick around the funeral home. They later posed for pictures.

To see the full sized images you can view them on the facebook page Waiting on Justice: The Twins’ Story. A picture speaks a thousand words.



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